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openEHR day - October 28, 2019, London
Learn more about opportunities and challenges of openEHR and reserve your free ticket

openEHR Netherlands - First Meeting 4 Oct 2019
First meeting of openEHR Netherlands. What is openEHR and what the openEHR NL foundation wants to achieve.

openEHR day, 2 Oct 2019, Valencia, Spain
Bringing the latest openEHR news and developments to Spain, including local and international stories.

Better Platform™ DevDays
First day will cover the essential topics that every beginner needs to understand before they enter the openEHR world. The second day will focus on “hands-on” workshops, where everyone will gain an understanding of how to use Better Tools to create and deploy smart health IT solutions.

MedInfo 2019 Lyon
MedInfo 26-30 Aug 2019, Lyon, France

HIMSS & Health 2.0, Helsinki, June 11-13
HIMSS & Health 2.0

openEHR Day Italy - 6th June 2019
The event aims to promote the vision and opportunities offered by openEHR to improve clinical information in the Electronic Health Records.

Interop' 2019 Health Interoperability Symposium - 14th March 2019
An opportunity to share and inform each other, not about technology but the impact of that technology. Speakers will provide references to real-world interoperability challenges, examples how to overcome problems and more.

Development and Management of Patient Registries Data
Marand CEO and openEHR Board co-chair Tomaž Gornik, speaking at Patient Registries Data event in Athens, MoH on 11th January 2019

Open platforms Seminar, Oslo
What is an open platform

openEHR Asia Summit
The openEHR Asia summit will be broadcast via youtube from 10:00(JST), on the 28th July, 2018

openEHR Asia Summit and NPO openEHR Japan General Assembly
Free event, open to all interested in openEHR. Early booking advised.

openEHR open data platforms in medical informatics
18th June, Germany 2nd HIGHmed Symposium

openEHR Clinical Modelling Workshop
The gap between the aspiration and the reality of the promise of improving care with effective IT remains one of the key challenges facing us today.

OpenEHR within a mature NHS Ecosystem
– the Plymouth Perspective - Videos

openEHR Day April 2018 Plymouth Videos/presentations
Videos and presentations from the openEHR day held in April in Plymouth UK

openEHR Day: Helsinki 20.3. & Stockholm 21.3.
Learn more about the opportunities and challenges of openEHR

2nd Arctic Conference on openEHR
2nd Arctic Conference on openEHR and Archetype-based Clinical Information Systems

DevDays 23rd and 24th November, London
Hands-on DevDays workshops

openEHR Day 22nd November, London
Explore the opportunities and challenges of openEHR

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