The 5th openEHR Asia Summit, 30th July 2022 09:00 - 12:00 JST
Online event - detail on programme and copy presentations.

Control of Healthcare Information, 3rd June 2022, Netherlands
Organised by the openEHR Netherlands Foundation the conference will discuss how openEHR in the Netherlands can contribute to increasing control over healthcare information.

openEHR international use-cases: The importance of open data
1st in series of International openEHR Events provided by openEHR Netherlands, 12th May 2022 at 11:00 CET

POSTPONED: Apperta Foundation online Event 15th December 2021
Real world openEHR - An update on open platforms for healthcare

HiGHmed SYMPOSIUM - 14 October 2021, Berlin Germany
Digitalisation in the healthcare system: openEHR and FHIR – friends or foes?

Scandinavian openEHR Collaboration Meeting - 7th October 2021 (online) 13.00-15.00 CET
Connect with the Nordic openEHR community to explore ways of collaborating towards common goals related to the use of openEHR.

20th May 2021 - European Health Tech Innovation Week 2021 - Giant Health
Tomaž Gornik of Industry Partner Better will speak about 'Data for Life'. openEHR Ambassador Hanna Pohjonen will host a panel discussion entitled 'Nordic countries as forerunners in openEHR'.

4th openEHR Asia Summit by Zoom Conferencing, 29th April 2021
This 4th openEHR Asia summit is open to all those interested in openEHR activities in Asia, to be held on 29th April, 9:00-12:00 Beijing, Shanghai [2am - 5am UK].

Industry Partner, Better - series of webinars between 13 and 22 April
All based on open data and powered by openEHR, the webinars will show you to simplify work, accelerate development, and focus on open, high-quality health data. Demonstrating how easy it is to build healthcare applications using low-code tools, even for non-developers, but we will also explain how you can leverage a digital health platform and open data.

openEHR NHS Wales: A Technical Overview - 23 February 2021
Free online event providing a technical overview of openEHR, reflecting on experience gained by the NHS Wales Informatics Service as part of a recent formal review. An opportunity to learn about the technology and broaden understanding, focussing on the technical aspects of openEHR architecture.

openEHR for NHS Wales - 16 February 2021
Free online event providing an overview of openEHR, reflecting on experience gained by the NHS Wales Informatics Service as part of a recent formal review.

openEHR 2020 Digital Event 24th November
DATA FOR LIFE - This International community online event via livestream will see healthcare professionals, representatives of public health institutions and digital health representatives sharing experience, opportunities, new ideas and vision of future development of the openEHR approach.

Adoption of openEHR in a EHR system, what is the added value for IT suppliers and care providers?
Free webinar, openEHR Industry Partners, Cambio (Sweden) and Patient Sky (Norway) will look at answering this question. Both are suppliers of an electronic health record system that uses openEHR.

The use of SNOMED CT in openEHR data models 5th August 2020
The use of SNOMED CT in openEHR data models - part of the SNOMED clinical web series.

24th July - 3rd openEHR Asia Summit, by Zoom Conferencing
This is the 3rd openEHR Asia summit. All those interested in openEHR activities in Asia, especially for COVID-19; welcome.

openEHR AeHIN Presentation 7th July 2020
openEHR Community Response to COVID-19

3rd July - openEHR NL working group meeting (online)
The next ZIBs for openEHR working group meeting (online). Looking at the mapping for Blood Pressure and Contact ZIBs.

openEHR Netherland Covid-19 Webinar 26 June 1000-1100 BST
Explore how Covid-19 openEHR models were developed and used in international use cases. The webinar is in English and open to anyone interested.

Practical tools and methods for clinical decision and process support, online Seminar 16:15-18:15
This seminar previously planned as a physical event in Stockholm has now been changed to an online event.

Spring SEC meeting, Stockholm 25-27 Mar 2020
The first SEC meeting for 2020 will be in Stockholm, 25-27 March