Control of Healthcare Information, 3rd June 2022, Netherlands

Events | May 18, 2022, 7:52 a.m.

Event 3 June 2022 from 09:30 to 16:30 being organised by the openEHR Netherlands Foundation, the conference will discuss how openEHR in the Netherlands can contribute to increasing control over healthcare information.


JOINN Houten
Onderdoor 5
3995 DW Houten


About the event:

In recent years, there have been many initiatives in the Netherlands to gain more control over standardisation, registration, and exchange of healthcare information. Yet they did not find the right balance between simplicity, affordability, usability, reliability, and durability in practice.

Based on the ambition to take ICT in Dutch healthcare to the next level, we want to present the open ecosystem principle based on openEHR in order to regain control of healthcare information. The openEHR technology, using standardized data models, separates healthcare data from application silos and monolithic EPDs.

This conference will discuss principles and best practices that combine or leverage open platforms and applications to create open ecosystems. We will focus on 3 themes:

  • Collaboration between people and organizations
  • Directing information
  • Gradual transition

Speakers at the event:

  • Erik Vermeulen (EY)
  • Machiel Oskam (Online Department)
  • Ian McNicoll (CEO/CCIO FreshEHR) & Joost Holslag (Nedap)
  • Gary McAllister (OneLondon)
  • Alastair Allen (Better)
  • Jordi Piera Jiménez (Director of the Digital Health Strategy for Catalonia)
  • Ruud Bongers (UMC Utrecht)
  • Birger Haarbrand (HiGHmed/Vitagroup Germany)
  • Patrik Georgii-Hemming (Karolinska University Hospital)
  • Roanda Fokkens (CZ)
  • Martin van der Meer (Code24)
  • Pieter van Tiel (Oprichter Meditools, GP MD)
  • Remko Nienhuis (Melius Health Informatics)



Start date: June 3, 2022

End date: June 3, 2022

Location: None, NL

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