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GDL2 Editor

The GDL2 Editor is the main authoring tool for GDL2 format based guidelines. 

GDL2 design specification published by the openEHR Foundation,

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CDS Platform

Cambio CDS Platform – A cloud-based platform for producing and deploying advanced and portable CDS apps leveraging on open standards such as openEHR Archetype, GDL2 and HL7 FHIR/CDS-hooks. It consists of authoring and development tools, a knowledge repository and services for deployment and monitoring of Cambio CDS Apps. Clinical knowledge is broken down into machine readable rules based on international standards and reference terminologies, so that decision support rules can be shared between different decision support applications.

Executable Clinical Pathways

Orchestrating executable medical workflows with support for openEHR CDR.

Clinical pathways, clinical guidelines, clinical protocols, clinical workflows, clinical best practices, task planning, care coordination plans, care pathways, nursing care plans, clinical process modeling, medical process modeling, healthcare practice patterns, plans and decision logic, process and reasoning models,...

There are so many different names to describe what these diagrams represent - I call them Medical Flows.