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Archie is an Apache 2-licensed open source java library that can work with archetypes and openEHR reference model (RM) data. It implements the full ADL 2 archetype object model (AOM2), BMM metadata, and openEHR RM, and includes many tools to work with these kinds of data, making it suitable to develop clinical data repositories, archetype modelling tools and openEHR client applications.

Archie was developed by the Dutch company and openEHR Industry Partner Nedap. It is hosted at openEHR @Github, with Nedap as the primary maintainer. It has gathered a community of users and contributors.

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EHR Craft

A suite of products for openEHR CDR and tools. 

SDK for Operational Templates

The idea is to have native classes that can be used by developers without requiring them to know anything about openEHR.

Instead of giving them the OpenAPI schema and asking them to send data to the openEHR CDR, let them use simple classes in their favorite programming language they are used to work with. These classes (SDK) take care of everything openEHR related and can be used in “frontend” languages that web developers are familiar with.