OpenEHR Organisation Partners

Catalan Health Service

The Catalan Health Service (Servei CatalĂ  de la Salut) is the public organization under the Ministry of Health of regional government of Catalonia; which is responsible for guaranteeing public, comprehensive and quality health care coverage for 7.7 m of residents in Catalonia, Spain.

HL7 Finland

HL7 Finland is an open association for organisations that are interested in systems integration issues and solutions in healthcare and social services. It was founded in 1995 as the 5th International Affiliate of HL7.

Norwegian Public Hospitals

Norwegian Public Hospitals is a cooperation between the four Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) of Norway. The four RHAs together provide all specialist healthcare services for the entire Norwegian population of 5.4 million, and have a total of about 150 000 employees.

The Swedish Association for Medical Informatics

Membership, forums, meetings, events, webinars and educators.

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