Participation in the openEHR community, and access to the openEHR specifications, discussion forums, wiki, clinical models and other IP is free to all.

Formal membership is paid, and allows participation in the formal processes of openEHR, and provides financial support for:

  • ongoing development of the specifications;
  • ongoing development of the clinical models;
  • support for some open source software development;
  • the web site, mailing lists, other tools and computing infrastructure.

The membership structure of the openEHR International is shown below.


Individual Membership

Individual membership is for individuals who want to participate in openEHR International processes, including elections. Professional membership is for individuals who supply openEHR consulting, training or other expertise-related services.

Category Description Benefits Financial
basis p.a.
Paid individual membership. Join here.
  • Right to vote in openEHR Board elections;
  • Right to nominate or be nominated for a Board position;
  • Right to nominate or be nominated as a member of Program Committees;
  • Right to vote in open meetings.
Paid professional membership. Join here. €126

this does not indicate openEHR International endorsement for services provided.

Industry Partner

Industry Partner membership is available for vendor companies, HIS suppliers, integrators and consulting companies using openEHR. Join here.

Benefits Org size
No FTEs† in HIT
Financial basis p.a.







Micro startup*: €819

Bronze: €1,260

Silver: €3,150

Gold: €6,930

Platinum: €10,080


†FTE = full-time equivalent
*micro startup: applies only to companies new to the e-health sector with less then 3 full-time equivalent staff working on eHealth projects. Valid for maximum 2 years of membership.
** this does not indicate openEHR International endorsement for products or services provided.

Industry Partner Global

Industry Partner Global membership is aimed at those organisations, that operate / have offices globally, working in Health IT. Membership price on application

Organisational Partner

Organisational Partner membership is aimed at:- official bodies at any level of Government, providing or supporting public healthcare, Public sector, jurisdictional organisations, such as ministries of health, regional health authorities. Healthcare providers, non profit non Government organisations providing services to the public. Recognised membership organisations whose members work in eHealth or healthcare, and recognised educational and research institutions using openEHR. 

An annual membership fee is charged according to the level of membership. See pricing and join HERE

Benefits Financial basis p.a.
  • Right to nominate or be nominated for a openEHR Board position;
  • Right to collectively elect Organisational Board member representatives for a period of two years;
  • Visibility on the openEHR website*
  • Right to post openEHR industry news and events (fair usage applies);
  • Right to contribute to development of the training accreditation/certification process;
  • Clinical Model change requests may be prioritised over those from Individual members or non-Members, as directed by the Clincal Program Board;
  • Employees of an Organisational Partner can be a member of Program Committees;
  • Up to 70% of the fees paid by an Organisational Partner may be directed specifically to the openEHR Clinical modelling program. Exact use of that funding will be determined by the openEHR International Board, subject to the advice of the Clinical Program Board and the overall funding available. Examples of likely use of such funding is:
    • Support for protected time for a Chief Clinical Information Officer to lead development;
    • Project management support for the Clinical modelling program to help handle change requests, translation requests, facilitate communications between Editorial team members;
    • Support for protected time for new Editorial Team members.
  • Right to vote in open meetings;
  • Employees can apply for education provider recognition.

this does not indicate openEHR International endorsement for services provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: if my employer is an Industry Partner, does that make me an openEHR Individual Member?
    • A: No. As an employee of an Industry Partner you can be a member of Program Project Groups and Editorial Committees but you cannot vote as an Individual Member in Board elections or be nominated for a Board position. You are, of course, free to register separately as an Individual Member and your employer may pay for your membership, if they wish.
  • Q: if my employer is an Industry Partner, can I nominate for an Industry Partner position on the Management Board?
    • A: You will need to be registered as an Individual Member first.
  • Q: do I need to be an openEHR Member to be on the Editorial Committee of one of the openEHR programs?
    • A: No. If your company is an Industry Partner you are entitled to be on the Editorial Committee of one of the openEHR programs.