Publications Zotero

Zotero is a reference manager which is freely available for which we have set up a group repository for openEHR-related publications and other related material (e.g. presentations, blogs, videos and more).

The link below takes you to the Zotero web-based repository where you can browse and search bibliographic information. This generally does not include actual PDFs due to copyright restrictions, but full texts can be uploaded where copyright allows.

The collection is organised in categories – with the first three being:

  1. Foundational
  2. Theses and dissertations
  3. Introduction-Primers

You can do much more than online browsing with Zotero: you can use the Zotero application to locally manage a collection and also edit citations and create reference lists via browser plugins and word processors. To do this, Zotero is available as a FireFox plugin, or else as a standalone desktop version, for which connectors to Chrome, LibreOffice etc are available. There are also apps for all phone and tablet platforms.

The openEHR collection at Zotero is curated carefully and on an almost daily basis – so if you can’t find a particular paper or you think an openEHR-related resource is missing, please notify Koray Atalag by email. If you have legitimate access to paywalled journal content via your university or organisation you can also ask to be added as a member so you can gain access to full text.

We hope you’ll find this resource helpful and also help us better curate it by letting us know of new material.

Click below to go to the Zotero openEHR publications library.