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The future of health & care is open

Across the openEHR community, we share a commitment to creating an open platform for patient-centred health data. Based on a standard architecture for future-proof health information, openEHR offers a path from silos of data to longitudinal, patient-centred care, for life.

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openEHR for clinical professionals

openEHR empowers clinical professionals to meet their information needs. Detailed clinical models built for and by healthcare and information professionals steer the software development. User interfaces, processes and analytical capabilities flexibly adapt to the users' needs, not vice versa. Thereby, openEHR fundamentally changes the way clinical systems are built.

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openEHR for healthcare providers

Freeing healthcare institutions from disconnected data silos and vendor lock-in, openEHR provides a product-independent, standards-based patient record, querying language and tools for on-site rapid application development. This greatly reduces costs while providing out-of-the-box adaptability to changing needs.

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Truly effective and sustainable open architectures will need a capability for vendor-neutral data persistence, such as openEHR.

openEHR for research

Researchers face huge challenges to efficiently leverage the enormous amount of data from care and research for analytics. Siloed and proprietary data make data integration a burden for analytics. openEHR makes data easily available locally and within research networks in a FAIR way: findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

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openEHR for developers

openEHR is a new way of building healthcare IT systems, based on computable models of content and process, built by domain experts. Low-code application development tools allow vendors to use business analysts to build many apps, while IT professionals concentrate on API development, tools, and integration.

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Ready to join the mission?

Joining openEHR can be gradual, we can support and guide you along the way. Our approach offers opportunity and value to many different stakeholders, including clinicians, health care providers, governments, software developers and research institutions.

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