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openEHR is a new way of building healthcare IT systems. It is the only 'low code' approach proven at scale for a vendor-neutral clinical data repository capable of storing and retrieving healthcare data in a fully GDPR-compliant manner.

Application development

Many openEHR applications can be developed by business analysts using low-code development tools, available with platform implementations. More complex applications are built with tool support for form-building, the AQL query language, and the openEHR REST API to connect to the platform.

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openEHR provides a framework for developing information models that mimic data structures in external systems and international standards, to effect both import and export. International and local terminologies are used via bindings in the models.

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Prof Dr. Roland Eils, coordinator of HiGHmed Medical Informatics Consortium, Germany

For HiGHmed, openEHR plays a vital role by enabling collaborative information management and by providing interoperable and vendor-independent data repositories.

Data exists independently of any particular application

Data from different sources becomes comparable

Encourages fast development to meet customers needs

Platform development

The openEHR platform is based on a stable Reference Model, defining the data of the EHR, the archetype model, which defines injected data models, REST APIs, and the AQL query language.

There are open source and commercial openEHR platforms available.

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Build your software into a pre‑integrated platform

Reduce the burden of managing complex information

Hundreds of pre‑built health and care data models

Getting involved

Vendor companies may support openEHR by joining as an Industry Partner, and may also have staff who could contribute to the Specifications or Clinical Programs.

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