News & Events

ADL Workbench 1.5beta10 released
New release of the ADL 1.5 workbench available on 3 platforms. Numerous enhancements, close to final version of ADL.

Press Release: openEHR 'in vivo'
openEHR Foundation announces Industry Partner program to develop new release, 50 new archetypes, and compliance criteria.

Marand Think!Med adds SMART
Marand adds the Harvard SMART API to enable it to offer both the SMART Pediatric Growth Chart and SMART Blood Pressure Centiles apps

AOM 1.5 update - more powerful, easier to implement
Latest AOM draft removes openEHR special syntax, improves model of basic types.

OMG e-health summit openEHR participation
Thomas Beale and Rong Chen attended the OMG e-health summit this week, devised and facilitated by Ken Rubin (HP health vertical).

New draft of Knowledge Artefact Identification specification
For those interested in the specification for Knowledge Artefact Identification (including archetypes, templates and terminology subsets), a major rewrite of the previous draft is now available on Wiki.

Think!EHR Platform certifies four IHE profiles
At the recently concluded IHE Connectathon 2013 held in Istanbul, Turkey, Marand's Think!EHR Platform™ v2.1 received certification for four IHE Integration profiles.

openEHR standard, available tools for clinicians
On Friday, 19. April, Ing. Pablo Pasoz Gutiérrez will give a talk at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina, about openEHR. This will be transmitted and recorded online.

openEHR Primary Care project starts in Salvador, Brazil
Gustavo M. Bacelar-Silva MD has launched a new project "openEHR-based pervasive health information system for primary care: First Brazilian Experience for Public Care" at SENAI - Cimatec (industrial college in Salvador).

Guideline Definition Language (GDL) first release
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the design specifications of Guideline Definition Language (GDL) and its reference implementation under open source software licenses.

Professor Dipak Kalra becomes President of EuroRec
In a slightly belated announcement, the Foundation would like to recognise that Professor Dipak Kalra MD, PhD, head of department at the UCL Center for Health Informatics and Multi-Professional Education (CHIME) and openEHR board member, took office as president of Eurorec.

CKM upgraded to include projects and other features
A major new release of the openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) went online today. This release is a major upgrade to CKM which provides improved 'governance units', and also gets closer to the ultimate goal of an end-to-end tool chain.

Archetype Editor 2.2.905 beta
We are pleased to announce that Archetype Editor 2.2.905 beta has just been released. Find out more information on the tool page.

IBS and Moscow city to host second openEHR Workshop
The second part of a series of seminars on the use of the international open standard medical management, storage and exchange of electronic medical records (openEHR) will be hosted in Moscow.

Erik Sundvall's EHR PhD thesis published online
Erik Sundvall's PhD thesis entitled "Scalability and Semantic Sustainability in Electronic Health Record Systems" is now available online. It contains many openEHR-related papers and discussions.

Publications on openEHR and open source
A special issue of the Canadian journal, Technology Innovation Management Review, has just been published and features open source software sustainability.

IBS consortium including three openEHR vendors to build Moscow eHealth
A consortium led by IBS Moscow and including three openEHR vendors - Marand, Infinnity, and Ocean Informatics - has won the contract for the pilot of the Moscow city integrated medical information system.

openEHR Transition Update
The Interim Board of the openEHR Foundation has largely agreed the basis for going forward based on the face-to-face meeting in London and feedback from a number of parties.

Northern Territory Health deploys Shared EHR
Northern Territory Health has deployed a Shared Electronic Health Record system for over 50,000 remote indigenous people based on the Ocean Informatics EHR platform.

openEHR Foundation Meeting
openEHR Foundation Strategic Planning Seminar had focused on discussion of the current state of openEHR in order to develop both short and long term strategies.