Headquarters: Groenlo

Branches: o.a. Utrecht, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, London, Madrid, Krefeld

Size: 201 - 1,000 employees

Trading since: 1929

Membership level: Gold partner


We believe that people together make care better. We develop technology that helps people to be the best they can be. From care professionals and administration, to patients and their network.
Because we believe in open standards: we love openEHR for it’s open specification and clinically led technology. OpenEHR is our first choice medical data storage technology. It helps us achieve our vision of care of the future where our systems adapt to whatever way people want to work together by combining multiple internal and external sources, but still feel integrated. We particularly like the structure that openEHR offers for standardisation with options for flexibility (specialisation and localisation).

We use openEHR for multiple products that are used by hundreds of customers in Dutch elderly care, disabled care and mental health care. In our journey starting 2016 we recorded millions of compositions.


Name Description Product type

Archie is an Apache 2-licensed open source java library that can work with archetypes and openEHR reference model (RM) data. It implements the full ADL 2 archetype object model (AOM2), BMM metadata, and openEHR RM, and includes many tools to work with these kinds of data, making it suitable to develop clinical data repositories, archetype modelling tools and openEHR client applications.

Archie was developed by the Dutch company and openEHR Industry Partner Nedap. It is hosted at openEHR @Github, with Nedap as the primary maintainer. It has gathered a community of users and contributors.

Ons Formulierenbeheer (previously known as archetype-editor)

A web based ADL-2 archetype editor focused on questionaires/measurement instruments. (currently in private beta). 



Modelling Tool
Ons Klinimetrie

Met Ons® Klinimetrie bekijk en vergelijk je de resultaten van al je metingen makkelijk en snel. Een helder overzicht van de voortgang van je cliënten is het resultaat.

Ons Wondzorg

Ons Wondzorg (Woundcare) enables quickly recording information and shows it in a useful overview.

Visual Studio Code ADL & AQL support

Open source visual studio code extension with ADL and AQL editing support. Turns visual studio code into an archetype modeling studio!

Modelling Tool