Practical tools and methods for clinical decision and process support, online Seminar 16:15-18:15

Events | March 4, 2020, 2:46 p.m.


Public seminar demonstrating and discussing applications of decision support and process support using openEHR-based tools and methods. Such applications can be created and maintained in an open way that is practically adjustable to be patient-specific and integrated across organisations and IT-systems using e.g. openEHR, HL7 FHIR or ISO13606. The seminar gives an update regarding state of the art of the international openEHR “Guideline Definition Language” and “Task Planning” specifications. The specifications are maintained by the international openEHR specification editorial committee (SEC) that meets in Stockholm March 25-27 to focus on the future directions for this. The SEC is interested in feedback, needs and ideas from seminar participants.

Programme 7.


Thursday March 26, 2020.

  • Online meeting open for connection & test from 16:00 CET (Stockholm timezone)
  • Seminar 16:15 - 18:15 CET (Stockholm timezone)


Anybody interested in the topic is welcome to join, for example clinicians, technical staff and informaticians interested in designing, implementing and maintaining decision- and process-support.

Where & Registration

Please register (for free) at: 87
Connection link and instructions will be sent to registered participants and published here in this discussion thread.

Organized by

Karolinska Institutet, openEHR International, Region Stockholm, Region Uppsala and Region Östergötland are organizing this event in order to build knowledge about some of the modeling and tooling options based on the openEHR family of specifications and standards.

Start date: March 26, 2020

End date: March 26, 2020

Location: Stockholm, SE

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