Health IT; lead or be led; training in Australia

Events | Feb. 18, 2016, 4:33 a.m.

Join Ocean Informatics's clinical modelling team and eHealth Education as they deliver these important seminars and worskhops on how openEHR archetypes can work with terminologies such as SNOMED CT.

EHRs – today’s reality…

  • Lack of clinician engagement with eHealth
  • Silos of data
  • Fragmentation of eHealth activities and clinical data

There is increasingly awareness of the need for use of clinical data to support high quality healthcare delivery.  Yet it has traditionally been difficult for clinicians to engage and participate in influencing the quality of the data that they need to support their care of patients, for research and analysis, to underpin clinical decision support and exchange with other healthcare providers.

Momentum is now gathering in Australia and a number of international eHealth programs to change this, using a new clinician-led approach which involves standardisation and sharing of  high quality, computable clinical  data specifications.

In this seminar and practical workshop our international experts will explain and demonstrate this alternative approach to eHealth – where shared information structures, terminology systems and decision rules are successfully developed, verified and driven by the clinical experts themselves, and then subsequently implemented into clinical software applications. This will provide a strong foundation for:

  • Recording & exchanging health information
  • Data aggregation & comparative analysis
  • Clinical decision support
  • Reducing the fragmentation of current eHealth activities
  • Preventing vendor ‘lock in’ & data silos
  • Bootstrapping new eHealth development
  • Delivery of a future ‘roadmap’ for existing clinical applications

Program Outline

Seminar – Day 1

  • The unique challenges of health data
  • Clinician-led eHealth records
  • The future of clinical content specifications: archetypes/templates + terminology
  • Collaborative approach to clinical content standards
  • Solving the ‘semantic gap’
  • The international experience
  • The Australian experience – where, what, who, how?

Workshop – Day 2

  • Archetypes and Templates 101
  • Hands on: Archetype Editor & Template Designer; and Reviews using Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM)
  • Practical clinical knowledge governance

Who should attend?


Suitable for all clinicians, vendors, decision-makers and policy-makers – essentially anyone interested in clinician-led health data specifications.

At the end of the seminar attendees will:

  • Understand the benefits of a standardised clinical content approach and how this impacts on the quality of health data;
  • Have insight into how international eHealth programs have created a vibrant community of clinicians, domain experts and implementers who collaborate to develop a shared repository of clinical data specifications;
  • Understand the ‘openEHR approach’ to standardisation of health data & clinician engagement;
  • Be able to explain an openEHR archetype or template to others;
  • Be able to explain how archetypes, templates & terminology together are a powerful way to define health information;
  • Have seen live demonstrations of the tooling suite – Archetype Editor, Template Designer and the Clinical Knowledge Manager; and
  • Understand the principles and importance of rigorous clinical knowledge governance.

Hands-on Workshop:

Suitable for those who will be practically involved in archetype and template development, implementation and governance, including reviewing of archetypes.

At the end of the workshop attendees will:

  • Be able to ‘think like an archetype modeller’ – understand the principles of clinical requirement analysis and convert these into mind maps for collaboration
  • Participate in building archetypes and templates using the Archetype Editor and Template Designer tools installed on their laptop;
  • Have achieved a basic proficiency in the use of the openEHR modelling tools;
  • Have registered as a participant in an openEHR CKM; and
  • Have actively participated in CKM collaborative reviews.


None. No prior knowledge is assumed.

REGISTER ONLINE: at the Global eHealth Collaborative website

Start date: March 1, 2016

End date: April 30, 2016

Location: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, AU

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