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Critical Software

Headquarters: Portugal

Branches: USA, Brazil, UK, Mozambique, Angola, Germany

Size: 350+ employees

Trading since: 1998


CRITICAL Software provides systems, software and data engineering services for safety, mission and business-critical applications, helping to ensure clients meet the most demanding quality standards for safety, performance and reliability.


Our I-EHR (Integrated Electronic Health Records) solution electronically aggregates individuals' health records in a single, central repository, allowing trusted clinicians and medical staff across multiple health care organisations to more effectively use health information.

This tackles the problem of reliable data aggregation in the healthcare sector by providing efficient data collection and improved visualisation and usability, resulting in better decision-making. Patient care is improved through a system that takes all of the available data from multiple systems, organisations and healthcare providers and transforms them into a single access point with a single 'language'. This allows healthcare professionals to conduct queries on patients' information in a fast and comprehensive way, reducing errors resulting from mis-diagnosis and removing the need for unnecessarily repeating medical examinations.

In secondary use, data can also be used anonymously to better understand the real-time health status of whole populations, identifying health risks and improving patient outcomes at a higher-level.

Security, reliability and confidentiality are of huge importance in the health sector, and the solution is built based on openEHR standards to ensure that the exchange of patient information is never compromised and that access is provided only to those with the relevant permissions.


One of the most important HMOs in Brazil uses I-EHR to aggregate clinical and demographic information of the Health Service beneficiaries, designed to support 20 Million patient records, spread across multiple EMRs and over 350 Healthcare providers.

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