The openEHR Specifications Program is formally governed according to the rules and guidelines in its Terms of Reference (ToR).

The specifications under management by the Program are defined in terms of Specifications Components, each consisting of one or more concrete Specifications relating to a topic area. A Component is defined as being something that is separately releasable. In openEHR, Components include the Reference Model, the Archetype Model, Querying, Conformance and CDS.

The definitive list of Components at any time is shown in the 'Component' column of the specifications home page.

At any point in time, a Specification is in one of the lifecycle states: Planned, Development, Trial, Stable, or Retired as shown on the Change Process page.

Users of specifications may raise Problem Reports (PRs). Changes made to the specifications as a result are documented in Change Requests (CRs), which are found on the dedicated change tracker for each component. Links to the PR and CR trackers may be found on the specifications home page.

The following diagram illustrates the Specifications Program structure.

openEHR specifications governance scheme