ADL Workbench 1.4.1 release

Releases | April 5, 2008, 4:15 p.m.

Release 1.4.1 of the Archetype Workbench is now available - see the tool home page. This release includes some major new features:

  • specialisation semantics are now 90% implemented.
  • a new file extension is now in use - .adls, for 'ADL source' files, allowing specialised archetypes to be represented 'differentially' (like object-oriented subclasses)
  • repository-wide compilation
  • slot and used-by maps
  • statistics
  • builds for Windows, Mac (Power PC and Intel) and Linux.

Special thanks go to Peter Gummer (Ocean Informatics) for his extensive work on the GUI, Mac/Linux builds and general development, and to Shahla Foozonkhah (University of Queensland, Australia) for extensive testing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this release does not affect any current .adl files; it only generates .adls files from .adl files. In the future, the use of .adls files as the primary source is intended. The community will be able to decide when and how this is done. Thus the current release shows how the change will look, without affecting any current resources.

An issue tracker should soon be available. Until then, please provide feedback on the openEHR technical mailing list.

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