openEHR International Appoints CEO

openEHR News | July 10, 2023, 7:33 a.m.

We are delighted to announce that Rachel Dunscombe will be taking up the role of Chief Executive Officer of openEHR International from September. 

Rachel's remarkable experience, understanding and leadership in the healthcare industry makes her the perfect choice to guide openEHR into an exciting new chapter and direction.

A highly respected figure in the field, a visiting Professor at Imperial College London; Rachel has previously served as Chief Industry Advisor at Dedalus and CEO of NHS Digital Academy where she made significant contributions to the advancement of digital health and the implementation of openEHR standards worldwide.

This appointment marks a turning point for our organisation. By establishing the role of CEO, we are committing to a new level of global engagement, collaboration and impact. Rachel's visionary leadership will guide us towards achieving our mission of enabling high-quality, person-centred, and cost-effective healthcare through open standards and interoperability.

Join us in extending our congratulations to Rachel on her new role. We are confident that her dynamic leadership, combined with the passion and dedication of our community will pave the way for a future of innovation, collaboration and global impact with openEHR.

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