2023 Nominations for openEHR International Board Directors

openEHR News | March 21, 2023, noon

We have 3-Director positions due for election to the openEHR International Board this year, one to represent each of the membership levels below:

  • Organisational Member (currently Mikael Nyström)
  • Industry Partner (currently Bjørn Næss)
  • Individual / Professional Member (currently Rachel Dunscombe)

Current Board members may re-stand for nomination should they wish to do so, and nominations are now open for existing members. 

If you are not currently a paid-up member and wish to stand, nominate or vote you will need to ensure that your current membership is paid beforehand.

Nominations will run until 11th April 2023

All Nominations must:

  • Be an existing Individual/Professional Member in order to nominate themselves or another member in this category.
  • Be an employee of a current Industry Partner in order to nominate themselves or another Industry Partner.
  • Be an employee of a current Organisational member in order to nominate themselves or another organisational member.
  • Provide the name and level of nominees plus the name of a member who will support their nomination. This is intended purely to discourage frivolous nominations and members may support multiple nominations if they wish.
  • Provide a brief biography and position statement.

You can nominate yourself or another member HERE


Election / voting period 14th - 28th April 2023
Following closure of nominations and once candidates have confirmed they will stand for election, information will be collated and details on how to vote for those nominees will be provided. Voting will take place over a two-week period from around 14th to 28th April 2023 and members will be notified when voting opens.

After the election / voting is closed, the votes will be counted by three members of the current Board and a tally agreed.  In the event of a tie (and only in the event of a tie) the second preferences of each voter will be taken into account. In the very unlikely event that the election is still tied, the Board will have a casting vote.

Results communicated to those elected early May 2023, and once the new Director Board positions have been confirmed and accepted, the results will be announced to the full community.

If you have an questions or want to know more, please get in touch comms@openehr.org

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