openEHR Celebrating 20-years

openEHR News | March 13, 2023, 2:16 p.m.

  openEHR Celebrating 20-Years


Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the openEHR standard


During the last twenty years, openEHR has gone through three phases of development:

• The first phase from 1992-2003 was exploratory and research-driven, becoming an integral part of the academic mission of the CHIME health informatics group at UCL in London.
• The second phase from 2003-2014 focused on engaging with wider stakeholders and consolidating progress in the mission.
• The third and current phase, which began in 2014, involved the establishment of a formal subscribing membership structure, an elected management board, and provision for funding through contributions from industry partners.

The ‘openEHR Foundation’ as it was known transitioned to a Community Interest Company in 2018, which is now at the heart of its organisation.

The standard has been widely adopted by an ever-growing worldwide community and continues to provide open source specifications and reference implementations of future proof EHR systems.

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