Applications Sought - Establishment of openEHR Education Program Board (EPB)

openEHR News | April 25, 2022, 10:11 a.m.

An initial Education Program Board (EPB) is being established by the openEHR International Board, and will be composed of up to 7-members, which will be chosen according to qualifications.

Applicants should be existing openEHR members, either Individual or as an employee of an Industry Partner or Organisational member.

Nominated individuals will be asked to indicate acceptance (if not self-nominated).

Applications are sought for candidates satisfying the EPB qualifications, demonstrating some of the skills identified below.

Please apply by downloading (do not complete on line) the application form HERE, completing and emailing to by Friday 13th May 2022

The EPB requires a mix of skills. Applicants to the EPB should be able to demonstrate at least some of the skills identified in section 6.1 of the Education Program Board Terms of Reference.

The selection of EPB board members will be made ensuring that all of these skills are present across the members of the EPB.

Skills and Knowledge - Essential requirements include:

  • Declaration of having read, understood and being in support of the openEHR mission;
  • At least 1 year of active participation in the openEHR community.

Desirable background includes:

  • Understand the key openEHR specifications, such as the Architecture Overview, Reference Model, Archetype specifications etc;
  • Education qualification - preferably vocational with experience in competency statement development and use;
  • Experience in delivery of openEHR-related education in the e-health sector;
  • Use of the openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) and related tooling, e.g. Archetype Designer, Archetype Editor, Template Designer etc;
  • Implementation of openEHR in a digital health environment,
  • Skills and experience in strategic and organisational management and leadership.

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