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openEHR News | Oct. 1, 2021, 9:05 a.m.

Operational News

openEHR International Board

3-Director positions were elected in March to the openEHR International Board. Michael Miller joined the board to represent Individual / Professional members, Bjørn Næss was re-elected and voted to represent Industry Partners along with Silje Ljosland Bakke who was re-elected and voted to represent Organisational members. In September Mikael Nystrom also joined the Board to representing Organisational members.

openEHR Ambassadors

Ambassadors are individuals given the capacity to formally represent openEHR and lead localisation activities in their respective locales (e.g. countries, group of countries or language/culture bound groups with one or more jurisdictions).  A list of our current Ambassadors is available HERE and activities undertaken by some of them are shown below under ‘Engagement’.

Join openEHR 

We rely on the support, both financial from memberships, sponsors, and in kind; to enable us to do the work we do and continue to evolve.  If you know anyone that would consider joining us or getting involved in other ways please do encourage them to sign up to membership from our Membership site.

Industry Partners

New Industry Member

freshehr have recently joined as Bronze Industry Partner members.  Many of you will know Ian, who is a long-standing supporter of openEHR. You can see our ever growing list of Industry Partners on our website HERE.

Industry News 

Industry Partners have access to the openEHR website to post openEHR related news and update their company information, including where they have deployed openEHR solutions. If you are not making use of this, have any difficulties or would like us to post for you, please email to with the details.

Covid-19 Projects

Last March, the community, led by major openEHR Industry Partners, released open source components to help software developers create applications and services in the fight against Coronavirus. These components are freely available to all via the openEHR CKM Covid-19 Projects with some earlier versions at openEHR CKM Covid-19 Incubator.

More information about the openEHR Covid-19 project is available on our Discourse forum Covid19 project.

Organisational Members

Catalan Health Service

We are delighted to announce that Catalan Health Service (‘CatSalut’) has joined openEHR as an Organisational member and will use openEHR for its new platform for health records in Catalonia. See here for CatSalut’s pre-procurement RFI.


Organisational Partnership Membership is available for public sector organisations, research institutions and other non-profit organisations.  If you are interested in knowing more please email


Upcoming Events

For details on events being run by openEHR International, openEHR days and events being run relating to openEHR by our Industry Partners and Community, please visit our website.

Do you have an openEHR event you'd like listed? Please email with information.

Clinical Modelling


After 14-years, Heather Leslie decided to resign as Program co-lead at the end of August, but will continue providing her valued support as a clinical knowledge administrator.



The Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC), manages the specifications published by openEHR. 


09 Apr 2021 - BASE Release 1.2.0 specification published along with ITS-REST API Release 1.0.2
26 Apr 2021 - ITS-XML (XSDs) Release 2.0.0 specification, providing a number of XML Schema additions, corrections, improvements, plus a new structure that covered several openEHR component releases.
14 May 2021 -  QUERY Release 1.1.0 specification  includes additions to the Archetype Query Language (AQL), such as query result pagination, literal values, functions and operators.
12 Jun 2021. PROC component release 1.6.0 - Task Planning and related specifications including a new CDS / Guidelines Overview document.

SEC Meeting 

Specification information and meeting information is available from the Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) Work area HERE

Specifications problem report tracker 

You can raise and view open issues via Specifications issues and filters

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