Better digital health platform will be the core of the integrated hospital information system in Cyprus

Industry News | Oct. 6, 2022, 8:03 a.m.

With its digital health platform, Better will be a vital part of the digitalisation of the hospital information system in Cyprus. Better digital health platform will be the core data platform for the storage of all of the clinical data in the new integrated hospital information system.

Following an open international tender, Better was chosen to work in a consortium of partners, led by OTE together with IBM, and Datamed being delivery partner of Better Platform. Better will provide its digital health platform, based on openEHR standard, for the storage of clinical data in electronic health records. By using the Better platform, data and information will be more readily available, enabling faster decision-making, and more efficient management. In addition, the data collected will contribute to scientific research and development, prevention, and treatment of patients.

Datamed as the delivery partner will also benefit from the Better low-code studio for the quick development of health applications and medical forms.

Digitalisation of the entire hospital system
With the new system, patients' health records and the entire hospitalization process, from admission to the hospital to discharge, including prescriptions of medicines, will be digitalised. The transformation of the system will also include operational and administrative functions and it will bring several benefits to the citizens and public healthcare providers.

The project of digitalisation is led by the Ministry of Health of Cyprus and the State Health Services Organisation of Cyprus (SHSO), and its main aim is to upgrade, simplify, and automate the procedures and health services in Cyprus. It encompasses the functional, operational, and technological modernisation of all Public Health Units (hospitals and health centres). The system will be developed in two years, with the support being provided for 8 years with the possibility of prolonging it for 5 years. The total deal value is worth €46 million and is one of the largest IT projects ever implemented in Cyprus.

Kyriacos Kokkinos, Deputy Ministry to the President of Cyprus for Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy, said that "digital transformation was not just a priority, but a necessity for the development, sustainability, and competitiveness of Cyprus. This is especially important for the health sector, which is a key pillar of the credibility and prosperity of a modern state. The modernisation of the health system is already on track for implementation with visible, substantial, and beneficial results".

"We are delighted to be able to provide the Better digital health platform for the digitalisation process in Cyprus. I think that the open data approach is the step in the right direction for the hospital information system, and I hope that in the future we will be able to extend our cooperation by adding also the clinical products from Better used in other markets," said Tomaž Gornik, CEO and founder of Better.

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