Better by Marand at Vitalis 2019

Industry News | May 21, 2019, 7:10 a.m.

Better by Marand will be participating strongly at 2019 Vitalis, the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia, which will be held in Gothenburg from 21 to 23 May 2019. 

As Better by Marand will be partnering with Tieto at the event, you can visit the Better team at Tieto B09: 12 booth, where their experts will be on hand to talk and discuss a vendor-neutral health data platform, Better Platform, based on the postmodern EHR approach.

Tieto is also organising a two-day talk series in their speakers' corner, where Better CEO Tomaž Gornik, who is also a member of the Management Board of the openEHR Foundation, will be speaking on Wednesday at 3.30 pm about how to foster innovation by creating a multivendor environment based on an open and agile architecture.

At this year's Vitalis on Wednesday at 11 am, Better Platform customer Region Östergötland will be presenting their work on the platform in a presentation entitled Manage feral systems with openEHR and other goodies in Region Östergötland's digitisation platform about how the Better Platform is helping them with the feral systems.

A day earlier (Tuesday 21 May at 3.30 pm), experts from Region Östergötland are organising a workshop entitled openEHR in Sweden and in Swedish – the journey has begun, and we do it together, where participants will get to know how far the translation work from English to Swedish has come and how it is run and organised, and also how it actually goes to translate archetypes so that they can be used in Swedish care systems.

About Better by Marand
Better by Marand is one of Europe’s leading IT providers for healthcare solutions and professional services, and is collaborating with a variety of clients in order to achieve one goal – to prepare for a better future. This is a future that moves towards open platforms and away from siloed solutions; a future where clinical teams can work with any digital solution provider, without being tied to a particular vendor; a future where, storing data in an open, vendor-neutral format will incite vendors to innovate and create better solutions.

The core technology solution, the Better Platform, is well-aligned with this vision and is based on openEHR specifications. The OPENeP by Better product (a closed-loop medication management system) is built on top of the Better Platform and follows the same vision. Better by Marand is currently present on three continents and in 15 international markets, including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Malta, Russia, Norway, Finland, Italy, and Slovenia.

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