Cambio gives the power to the people with CDS workshop

Industry News | Feb. 6, 2019, 2:41 p.m.

Cambio Healthcare Systems is taking Clinical Decision Support to the frontline with last week’s introductory workshop on Creating Standards-Based Decision Support, in conjunction with the Scotland National Decision Support Programme in Glasgow.

Participants from various NHS Scotland clinical, IT and informatics backgrounds, were given an introduction to creating Clinical Decision Support (CDS) using the standards-based approaches, openEHR and HL7 FHIR, supported by the Scottish National Decision Support platform. The hands-on workshop provided attendees with the tools and knowledge to create their own CDS alerts using CDS Hooks, along with a walkthrough on how to use Cambio’s Guideline Definition Language (GDL) Editor to build their own apps.

“Rather than just giving frontline staff the decision support tools, we want to empower them to understand and build the decision support tools themselves.” Says Dr. Rong Chen, CEO, Cambio CDS.“This takes away reliance on the vendor, and allows them to develop a foundation for their own future apps.” 

The Guideline Definition Language (GDL) is a CDS design specification from the openEHR Foundation, which forms the backbone of CDS apps. By using Cambio’s GDL Editor, it simplifies the process of building CDS apps by removing the complexity involved in clinical modelling. “The best ideas are the ones that come right from the front line.” Dr Chen continues. “However all too often, the lead time between a clinician having an idea, to them having a workable solution is too long and makes the whole process untenable. Teaching clinicians and health informaticians how to build the apps themselves using the GDL editor, allows them to actually start the clinical modelling using openEHR right away.”

This workshop was a move to further the Scottish National Decision Support platform agenda, which also includes their partnership with Cambio Healthcare Systems, who are supplying a national clinical decision support system for all of the country’s 14 health boards and 960 GP practices. A pilot phase started in autumn 2017 with full rollout expected in 2019.

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