First Hospital Based on Open Platform Achieves HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6

Industry News | Sept. 18, 2017, 11:27 a.m.

Ljubljana, 15.09.2017

Ljubljana Children’s Hospital and PICU, operating within the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia is the first hospital in the world using a clinical system based on an open platform to be awarded the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) level 6 by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

EMRAM grades hospitals with ratings running from 0 to 7. Grading criteria are strict, and only those healthcare providers that can demonstrate comprehensive use of electronic healthcare records and medication management, in all stages of patient care, are able to achieve a high grade. There are currently 45 hospitals in Europe at EMRAM level 6 and only three at level 7.

Ljubljana Children’s Hospital and PICU are using Marand’s Think!Clinical™ and Think!Meds™ clinical systems providing required functionalities such as electronic health records, closed loop medication management, and clinical decision support. Both are based on Marand’s award-winning, vendor-neutral, open health data platform named Think!EHR Platform™.

Former Medical Director of Ljubljana Children’s Hospital, professor Rajko Kenda said: »Physicians and nurses can spend more time with patients because we switched from a time-consuming, paper-based process for prescribing, medication administration and pharmacists review to electronic medication management. We improved safety, minimized errors and increased transparency of medical treatment. Additionally, communication within medical teams has improved as they all have instant access to relevant medical information when caring for their patients.”

Think!Clinical™ product manager Anže Droljc said: »Marand has been working with clinicians, nurses and clinical pharmacists from Slovenia and the NHS to develop Think!Clinical™, an innovative clinical information system which includes Think!Meds™, a comprehensive medication management module, both based on Think!EHR Platform™. EMRAM Stage 6 certification confirms that such openEHR based solutions have matured and can meet even the highest levels of requirements while at the same time providing benefits of open platforms such as no vendor lock-in. Gartner Group recently stated in its recommendation: ‘truly effective and sustainable open architectures will need a capacity for vendor-neutral data persistence, such as utilizing a common scheme or set of archetypes and rules for managing structured and unstructured data.’ This is exactly what our open platform based approach provides.” He added: “Although Stage 6 validation already requires high digital maturity of healthcare systems, we believe that by utilizing our products, and rollout methodology, the Ljubljana Children’s Hospital and PICU can advance to Stage 7 within a year.«

EMRAM (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model) is a strategic roadmap for effective EMR adoption and usage, created by HIMSS Analytics. It allows hospitals to track their progress against other healthcare organizations around Europe and across the world. The eight-stage (0 – 7) maturity model measures the adoption and utilization of EMR functions required to achieve a paperless environment that harnesses technology to support optimised patient care.

* Source: HIMSS Analytics Database, Q4/2016 (data from 1/2014 – 12/2016), Status as of 1/1/2017.

Marand’s vision for healthcare IT is coined as "Integrate. Open. Innovate." Think!EHR Platform™ is well aligned with this vision as it uses IHE-based standards to integrate existing devices, systems and data. By storing data in an open, vendor-neutral format, it enables ecosystems of vendors to innovate. This approach is fuelling next generation solutions known as the Postmodern EHR.

Think!EHR Platform™
Think!EHR Platform™ is a health data platform designed for real-time, transactional health data storage, query, retrieve and exchange based on vendor-neutral open data standards including IHE and openEHR. The platform is already powering eHealth solutions in 12 countries.

Think!Meds™ is a comprehensive medication management solution that fully supports even the most complex medication management scenarios in a simple and easy to use way. Decision support for situations known as “never events”, allergies, and dose range, as well as powerful integration options, empower doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, allowing them to improve patient safety, and deliver better and more personalised medical care.
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