openEHR getting visibility in Finland

Industry News | July 25, 2017, 2:35 p.m.

Digitalisation and new technologies at the center in Finnish Social & Healthcare IT Days.

The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities organized a yearly Social & Healthcare ICT Conference in Helsinki late May. The conference, organized for the 43rd time, was co-hosted with the University Hospital of Helsinki and the city of Helsinki. The conference gathered together 1700 social and healthcare IT professionals.

The conference provided a wealth of current topics through several parallel sessions such as nationwide electronic social welfare and health care services, digital support for the clients and health care professionals, modern diagnostic ICT-services as well as solutions of the patient and client information tubes and visualization of the reports. 

Tieto participated the conference with the main focus on openEHR, which created a lot of interest at the crowded stand. The company was well presented also in the official program by having Ari Järvelä, Tieto's country head of Finland, participating in a panel discussion. The panel discussion focused on digitalization and new technologies advancing citizen’s health and wellbeing in the global markets. One of Tieto's topics in the discussion was scattered data of health and well-being which can be put into good use by using openEHR and data lake technologies.

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