Marand signs contract to create an ecosystem for health, mobility, act

Industry News | Nov. 11, 2016, 12:26 p.m.

A total of six sub-projects worth €8.66 million, implemented over a three-year period will make up the EkoSMART project, directed primarily at the areas of health, mobility, active lifestyle and wellbeing. The goal of the project is to create a connected marketplace which will include an ecosystem integration platform, an API library and an application marketplace.  

Marand lead a consortium of 25 partners, that will will create an ecosystem for smart cities and communities over the next three years, complete with all support mechanisms for effective, gradual integration of various smart areas into a unified ecosystem. One of the key project elements is Marand’s product Think!EHR Platform™, enabling clinical information management. The three cornerstones of the EkoSMART project are: health, active lifestyle, and mobility. The project introduces general smart city infrastructure, thus promoting interoperability, flexibility, self-configuration, open data, and semantic interoperability.

Project aims include:

  • To identify the value chains of specific areas, supporting and connecting them with IoT and ICT solutions into an integration smart city platform covering health, mobility in transportation, active lifestyle and wellbeing.
  • To develop an integration smart city platform enabling gradual inclusion of specific areas typical of a smart city into a unified ecosystem, thus creating the basis for developing new solutions, business models, and commercialisation both in Slovenia and abroad. - To develop and apply advanced mechanism of managing a smart city as a system of systems (the ability of incremental learning, self-regulation and balancing non-homogeneous sources).
  • To demonstrate the applicability and potential of developed solutions and to facilitate an ecosystem of partners who will develop successful business models based on the solutions developed as part of the EkoSMART programme.
  • To develop an ecosystem marketplace which will include an ecosystem integration platform, an API library, a document library and an application marketplace.

The project worth €8.66 million will result in an integrated ecosystem which will represent an entry point into the global market for all Slovenian innovations related to healthcare, mobility, active lifestyle, wellbeing and smart cities. By concentrating a critical mass of knowledge and experience from all participating project partners and combining it with a direct focus on the user and development attuned to the user’s needs and global trends, we will make out vision come true.

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