Marand open sources Medication Management code to NHS OPENeP project

Industry News | Nov. 26, 2014, 11:37 a.m.

Marand is pleased to announce the release of its Medication Management solution as open source software under the AGPL license in order to enable its use free of charge in the OPENeP project which is being supported by NHS England. The project will be formally launched at the NHS England Open Source Open Day in Newcastle on the 26th November.

The launch comes at a time when NHS England’s Open Source Program is gaining greater awareness with an increasing number of NHS Trusts considering open source IT solutions which can provide greater flexibility, avoid supplier lock-in, facilitate user engagement and deliver greater value.

Richard Jefferson, Head of Business Systems for NHS England said “We are delighted to see another supplier involved in the NHS England Open Source Program release their software code under an Open Source license. The fact OpenEP is being driven actively by a wide community of people from NHS organizations and suppliers is extremely positive, as it is ultimately their ongoing participation that will make this initiative successful.”

Keith Farrar, one of the UKs leading experts on e Prescribing said “The availability of the Marand Medication Management solution as part of the OPENeP project is an exciting development. Marand have an established product that is in daily clinical use and a willingness to develop this product to meet the specific needs of the NHS. The progress made in a few weeks has been very impressive and I believe this offers a great opportunity for organizations who are looking for an Open Source alternative.”

“The release of our Medication Management code as open source represents an important step in our mission to disrupt the EHR market with modular solutions based on open data and open APIs. Our solution is already in use in several hospitals and has been adapted to UK specifics with the help of NHS experts. The fact that it is based on open source, openEHR clinical data models enables NHS Trusts to take advantage not only of freely shareable open source software, but to ensure data is held in an open format supported by multiple vendors” said Tomaz Gornik, CEO of Marand.

See a demo of Medication Management here. Source code can be downloaded from GitHub.

Notes for Editors

OPENeP is an open source project intended to deliver a suite of medicines management apps to improve the safety and efficiency of prescribing and medicines management and demonstrate how new business models can create commercial opportunities for vendors focused on delivering high quality service

The AGPL license is a widely used and international recognized open source license which enable any interested party to examine, use, change and redistribute the software free of charge subject only to sharing any changes on a similar basis

Marand is a solution provider in healthcare offering products including Think!Med Clinical™ and Think!EHR Platform™ ,  a health data platform designed for real-time, transactional health data storage, query, retrieve and exchange based on vendor-neutral open data standards including openEHR.

Keith Farrar acts as an expert advisor to OPENeP on behalf of NHS England Keith is leading UK expert on ePrescribing and was Chief Pharmacist at the Wirral Hospital NHS Trust one of the first places in the UK to implement ePrescribing after which he work on ePrescribing for CSC in the NHS National Programme for IT.

Other partners in the OPENeP project are:

HANDI – A CIC set up to support the health and care app community . The HANDI-HOPD platform  will be used to build the OPENeP prototype

Fivium -– A mid-sized SME with experience of delivery solutions based on source to Government in the UK and elsewhere including the provision of the system to operate the Pharmacy Benefit Scheme to the Australian Government.

First Data Bank– The UKs most experienced provider of drug knowledge for use in ePrescribing systems.

IMS Maxims –  – Original authors of OpenMaxims open source EHR

Neova Health -  – A UK based SME successfully delivering open source solution in the NHS include eObs a nursing observation app which is a natural companion to OPENeP at the bedside.

Media contacts for further information.

Marand, Media Relations, Samo Drnovsek, +386(0)1 470 31 00, +386(51)420 294


HANDI (handling media relations for OPENeP) Ewan Davis, +44(0)207 148 7170, +44(0)7774 272724 

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