openEHR archetype publication sprint IS GO!

Industry News | Oct. 21, 2014, 9:52 a.m.

With great pleasure we can now announce that the promised program to publish a significant number of core archetypes in the openEHR international CKM has kicked off now, resourced by the founding 6 openEHR Industry Partners.

We now have Editors that will be focussed on delivering a selected, core set of 69 clinical archetypes that cover the breadth of content required for clinical continuity of care, such as health summaries and discharge summaries, and the basis for many clinical visits. They have been selected to complement priorities in current activities such as epSOS, priorities of national programs and reflect many of the core concepts used in clinical practice. Once these initial archetypes are successfully published, there are plans for subsequent sprints that will build upon and enhance this first tranche of work.

While this has been a long time coming and much welcomed at many levels this sprint will only be successful if we have active participation from the openEHR community. THIS MEANS YOU! As Editors appointed to this program, Ian McNicoll & I need the community to help us respond to this opportunity by actively participating in the archetype reviews, so that we can achieve the outcomes we are hoping for – high quality, domain expert agreed archetypes that are stable and fit for implementation.

The anticipated duration for this sprint will be four months but the actual time taken will vary on a number of factors – Editorial response will to at least some degree be dependent on having adequate levels of community participation, and of course we are now getting closer to end of year with associated holidays etc.

We are seeking a broad range of people to participate in the archetype review feedback – clinicians and clinical domain experts; information modellers; implementers; terminologists; health informaticians of every kind and style. Each and every one of you can contribute in large or small ways, each according to your expertise – no one person will be an expert on all the facets that make up an archetype. So, from typos and grammar checking through to domain knowledge contibutions and verifying that the model will be fit for implementation – we need any and all input. No contribution is too small or insignificant.

You DO NOT need to be an openEHR expert to participate – just a willingness to offer any insights/expertise that you might have to the archetype.

Initial archetypes that will be reviewed commencing from early October are:

Following close behind will be:


Further Information:

·         Information on the background and context of the archetype sprint can be found on the openEHR wiki:

·         The 2014 Archetype Sprint project has been set up in CKM: From here you can see all of the models gathered in one place, and it will enable you to keep an eye on the archetype reviews in progress

How to participate:

1.       Self-register on the openEHR CKM (if you haven’t already done so)

- CKM is here:

- And Instructions are here:

2.       Indicate your interest in participating in an archetype review to the Editors by ‘adopting’ the archetype:

3.       Wait for an email invitation to the archetype review. See further details here:

There are also a couple of videos that provide an overview of the CKM and Reviewing an archetype:

Looking forward to having you involved during the sprint. Please share this email with anyone who you think may be interested.

Many thanks

Heather Leslie & Ian McNicoll (CKM Editors)


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