openEHR 2014 roadmap meeting report

Industry News | Oct. 9, 2014, 12:41 p.m.

The report of this meeting is now available here on the website.

Some of the key outcomes:

  • ADL/AOM 1.5 will be renamed to ADL 2, due to breaking changes being added in recent times (including CIMI-related)
  • A next generation archetype tooling project will be commenced that will replace all the current modelling tools.
  • The specifications will be converted to an ASCII-based format within a tool chain, accommodating tool-based UML and generation to PDF and HTML.
  • New specifications work will start once the new hosting is online.
  • We will move to new hosting infrastructure soon, funded by the industry partners.
  • A formal conformance approach will be developed.

There are more details, and links to various wiki pages and presentations on the above page.

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