International recognition for openEHR innovators

Community News | Sept. 28, 2019, 5:37 p.m.

We would like to record our huge pleasure in the international recognition of several people who have played key roles in the creation and development of openEHR to this point.

Sam Heard has been awarded the prestigious Order of Australia for his many services to that country, both nationally and internationally. 

And Dipak Kalra and Heather Leslie have been made Fellows of the International Medical Informatics Association.

Each of these in their own way, has made invaluable contributions to our movement: Sam and Dipak as leading members of the research team that laid the foundations for openEHR from 1991, and then as co-founders of the openEHR Foundation in 2003; Heather, with Sam,
 as the driving force and anchor of the clinical modelling theme for openEHR, and the CKM modelling tools and systems within Ocean Informatics; Dipak has, in addition, created a solid bridge from this work into the international standards domain, leading to the openEHR modelling paradigm being recognised formally within the recent 13606 CEN and ISO standards for the EHR.

These awards symbolise important lessons about the staying power and personal commitment, as well as talent, political nous and enterprise, needed to improve both methodology and governance for something as wide-ranging, and thus wickedly complex, as sustainable
formal and practical discipline for electronic health record systems.

Through these efforts, and those of a steadily growing body of others across the world, the field is moving forward, with numerous new champions coming forward and rising to the challenges, and carrying the continuing load.

David Ingram – President of openEHR and Chairman of the openEHR Foundation
Ian McNicoll, Tomaz Gornik and Silje Bakke – Co-Chairs of openEHR International

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