First openEHR meetings held in Shanghai, China

Community News | April 24, 2016, 7:58 a.m.

We will likely look back on last week as being a significant event for openEHR in China.

On April 18, openEHR ambassadors Prof Duan and Prof Lu hosted an event in Shanghai to introduce openEHR to invited VIPs and guests.

  • Dr Heather Leslie, clinican programme lead, presented an overview of openEHR focussing on openEHR as the collaborative approach to data interoperability. 
  • Dr Hugh Leslie, CEO of Ocean Informatics, presented on openEHR implementation activity in Australia
  • Prof Xudong Lu, Zheijang University, present an overview of his teams openEHR implementation in China.

On April 19, Prof Duan and Prof Lu hosted the China mHealth & Medical Software conference in Shanghai. 150 attendees heard a range of presentation including Dr Heather Leslie on openEHR's approach to "Smart data, smarter healthcare"

Professor Lu has agreed to write a report on the events, which will be posted later.

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