Specifications Committee May 2015 meeting

Community News | May 26, 2015, 2:27 p.m.

The openEHR Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) met for 2 days in Alkmaar, at the offices of Code24 who kindly provided a nice working space, catering and friendly support. Eight of the 12 members were there in person, with remote participation by the remaining four.

We were glad to have the in-person presence of Shinji Kobayashi (SEC member) and an observer, Asst prof Naoto Kume, both from Kyoto University of Japan.

A lot of work was done over the two days, primarily aimed at dealing with a back-log of Problem Reports (PRs) and defining the next releases of key components. Work is ongoing, as can be seen on the various specifications Jira trackers. The openEHR community is encouraged to review and vote for Problem Reports, in order to help us determine priorities for the future.

We also made the following resolutions regarding Services/APIs and FHIR:

  • Publish REST-based data service specifications with Marand's EhrScape as a starting point
  • Update SOAP service definition
  • Use Erik Sundvall's REST paper as a basis for defining API URIs and named queries.

Forthcoming releases, with approximate dates will include:

  • ADL/AOM 2.0 - June 2015
  • RM 1.0.3 - July 2015
  • ITS (XSDs) 1.0.3 - July 2015
  • RM 1.1.0 - November 2015

The exact dates and roadmaps can be found on the relevant Jira projects.

The next face to face meeting will be in September, most likely in Stockholm or Slovenia. A limited number of non-voting participants will be able to attend, according to available space.

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