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Silje Ljosland Bakke, RN

2017 -

Silje is an informatician and a registered nurse, and has a clinical background in plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery as well as clinical research from the University Hospital of Northern Norway. She has worked in health IT for more than five years, first in the Bergen Hospital Trust and she’s now an information architect in the National ICT health trust for strategic IT cooperation in the Norwegian hospital system. She has been a leading figure in Norway’s national archetype governance since the start in 2013.

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Sebastian Iancu

Feb 2015 -

In his early professional years, Sebastian developed complex web-based applications for the healthcare sector in Romania and later on in The Netherlands. His main interests were data interoperability, telemedicine and knowledge-based systems. After receiving an Engineering degree in Automation and Computer Science, Sebastian focused on developing a completely new PHP-based implementation of openEHR specifications. In 2010, he became one of the three founders of Code24 BV, and has since been the lead software engineer within this company. Currently, Code24 BV provides openEHR based IT solutions (Base24, mConsole) for more than 100,000 patients and their care providers in the mental healthcare sector in The Netherlands.

Thomas Beale

2015 -

Thomas is one of the founders of openEHR International and is the chief technical architect / editor of the openEHR specifications. He is a Board member and also a co-chair on the Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC).

He has participated in international standards work (OMG HDTF, HL7, CEN TC/251) for many years. He designed the archetype formalism (ADL), object model (AOM) (an ISO standard), the Basic Meta-Model (BMM), and much of the Task Planning and Decision Language specifications.

He has consulted for Intermountain Healthcare, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and various ministries, departments of health and other public agencies in places such as Australia, the UK, Brazil, Jamaica, Denmark, and Catalonia.

Thomas's academic background is in Electrical Engineering (communications) and Computer Science. His earlier professional work was in real-time distributed control (SCADA) systems for power, gas and mining; investment management and finance, and document and software configuration management systems.

He has published a number of papers in health informatics and has presented widely on the patient-centric EHR, the model-based platform eco-system, and e-Health strategy.

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