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Slovenia builds Athroplasty register on OpenEHR

December 22, 2015  |  from: Ian McNicoll

Slovenia launches the National Arthroplasty Registry of Slovenia (RES) on the openEHR platform


As part of the Parent Joint Action (http://patientregistries.eu/) project, Slovenia launched the National Arthroplasty Registry of Slovenia in November 2015. The National Institute of Public Health from Slovenia, Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital and Marand d.o.o. were joint contibuters to the project.


You can find and read more about building RES in the document "Building The National Arthroplasty Registry of Slovenia in the Parent Project" on the Parent Deliverables web page or at http://patientregistries.eu/documents/10184/14613/RES-building-v2_1.pdf/9c043823-d5a8-4c3b-954e-14caa4270899?version=1.0).

Date, time and place: Dec 2015 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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