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Mailing Lists

Mailing Lists are moving to Discourse

From 7 Nov 2019, the openEHR discussion forums will be hosted at the openEHR Discourse server. For details, see this news item.

Old Mailing Lists

The openEHR mailing lists are sited at EMWD, a mailing list hoster run by one of the developers of the mailman software. The ICANN lists are also hosted here. All lists have the address of the form Only the openehr-announce list is moderated.

Web archives: some of the lists are copied to the web archive, which enables browsing and searching. Examples of advanced search stings:

  • "battle royale"
  • +Jeff -Breidenbach -Marshall
  • (dualing OR dueling) AND banjos
  • from:"Mac Oglesby"
  • date:[19980101 TO 19981231] Breidenbach
  • date:200204*
  • help sort:newest

More help on the web archives can be found here.

openEHR Foundation

List Name Description Moderated Admins
Announce list (read-only) openehr-announce

This list is used to inform participants about key events, releases, changes in openEHR. openehr-announce is a low-traffic list for announcements only. All other material should be the subject of a message to one of the other lists, typically openehr-technical or openehr-clinical. Anyone interested in openEHR should subscribe to at least this list.

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Yes Ian McNicoll, Thomas Beale

Specification Program

List Name Description Moderated Admins
Technical list openehr-technical

This list is for technical discussions about any aspect of modelling, archetypes, software building relevant to the openEHR architecture and specifications. All reviews and discussions relating to new specifications and changes to existing specifications will be flagged on this list by the Specifications Program editorial committee.

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No Seref Arikan, Thomas Beale

Clinical Models Program

List Name Description Moderated Admins
Clinical list openehr-clinical

This list is for discussions about any clinical aspect of the EHR, including clinical design of archetypes.

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No Ian McNicoll, Thomas Beae

Software Program

List Name Description Moderated Admins

This list is for those implementing openEHR to discuss low-level technicalities in detail, including methods of programming, tools, schemas and so on.

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No Seref arikan, Thomas Beale
Java implementation list ref_impl_java

This list is for those implementing openEHR in Java and Java-related technologies.

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No Seref arikan, Rong Chen

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