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The challenge for FHIR: meeting real world clinician requirements | Blog - Atomica Informatics


With the increasing burden of technical engagement resulting from the incredible expectations generated by FHIR globally, perhaps the clinical content specification should be outsourced to... the clinicians first of all, ensuring that the clinical content can be represented in a technical format for implementation.

EHR building blocks | Blog - Atomica Informatics


For many years I have borrowed an analogy using Lego building blocks rather than the notion of generic 'shapes' - that if we get the foundation building blocks agreed and fit for use in our EHRs (ie clinical archetypes), then they can be re-used in multiple contexts and combined in any permutation or combination to represent the clinical documentation that we need.

openEHR & FHIR | Blog - Atomica Informatics


Our challenge: Common clinical content between implementations is potentially a game changer for healthIT interoperability!

is openEHR hard? | Musings of a confused technology addict.


Necessary clarification: Please note that the term implementation in the text below refers to development of a software platform based on openEHR. I realised that the term is overloaded in the health IT space, implying adoption of a standard sometimes. That is not what I mean by ‘implementation’. Recently, I found myself in more than …

The semantic web that never was. Will it be the same for smart healthcare IT? | Musings of a confused technology addict.


I attended another Data Science London meeting last week. As usual, it was a good one. Speakers talked about their experience with twitter feeds that includes foursquare check-ins and scraping data from web sites. Scraping is basically extracting information from the web pages, in a way simulating a human’s use of the web site to …

Pulse evolves into SDC Cloud Connect, and becomes even cooler | Musings of a confused technology addict.


I am a big admirer of Eclipse. It is an incredibly ambitious piece of work. It tackles the problem of creating a platform for software tooling, a platform that can generalize features of most IDEs, report tools, scientific software and even regular desktop applications. Not everybody agrees with me of course, when it comes to …

Open source in healthcare IT: being realistic about it | Musings of a confused technology addict.


Dear reader, as you can see, the title begs the question: “are not we realistic about it?”. The answer, in my humble opinion, is no and this is a major issue. I just wanted to express a few things I’ve had for some time in my mind about open source software  in written form so …

openEHR for practical people (cleaned up) | Musings of a confused technology addict.


Warning: this is a re-post of an old blog entry. Things have moved since I’ve written this, and mostly in a better direction. Just remember that you’re reading a 4 year old entry.   Introduction and outline This document is a guide for the software developer who is interested, or forced to be interested in …

Why the Microsoft tablet is a game changer? | Musings of a confused technology addict.


With the announcement of a tablet from Microsoft, I found myself really excited about the possibilities. I have not felt this way since MS decided to go into healthcare, and unfortunately that adventure did not exactly go in the direction that I’d like it to go. This one however, may work. The reason I have …

How can Angry Birds and Facebook change e-health? | Musings of a confused technology addict.


Well, not through clinical versions of these applications of course. That would be an interesting approach though, especially the social networking idea may have many applications in health IT, but I’d like to talk about something else that is happening in front of our eyes. Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds and other big names of the …