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Journey to Interoperability – Part I | Archetypical


We are on a journey, a transition from health records being recorded on paper to a new paradigm of electronic health records (EHRs) and data interoperability. We’ve all grown up in an era of paper records – the inability to …

Journey to interoperability I | Blog - Atomica Informatics


Despite some wins, the transition to EHRs has generally been much slower than we anticipated, much harder than we imagined, and it is not hard to argue that interoperability of granular health data remains frustratingly elusive.

“Smart data, smarter healthcare” | Archetypical


Last week Hugh Leslie & I spent time in Shanghai and Huangzhou at the invitation of Professor Xudong Lu and Professor Huilong Duan. It was a privilege to be invited and particpate in the very first openEHR meetings to be …

"Smart data, smarter healthcare" | Blog - Atomica Informatics


I attended the inaugural openEHR meetings in China last week - this is how I introduced openEHR…

Adverse reaction risk: the provenance | Archetypical


This week I documented the provenance of our Adverse Reaction Risk archetype – it has been a long & memorable journey from the first iteration in 2006 through to its publication in the international openEHR CKM last November 2015. In the beginning was Sam …

Adverse reaction risk: provenance | Blog - Atomica Informatics


Recording adverse reactions, allergies and intolerances to medications and other substances is universally regarded as a high priority for clinical safety. This is the ‘Adverse reaction risk’ archetype’s story - an international, cross SDO collaboration that achieved consensus. It demonstrates the potential value that comes if we choose to work together, rather than create more silos.

The art of Clinical Lists | Archetypical


Keeping a clinical list up-to-date in a local EHR current is not a trivial task. Keeping it up-to-date and accurate in a shared environment – well… Read on. It is not easy. The classic lists are: Allergies/Adverse Reactions; Problem/Diagnosis; Medications; Procedures; and …

The art of clinical lists | Blog - Atomica Informatics


Keeping a clinical list up-to-date in a local EHR current is not a trivial task. Keeping it up-to-date and accurate in a shared environment - well... Read on. It is not easy.

Anatomy of Anatomical Location | Blog - Atomica Informatics


Anatomical location seems pretty simple at first glance. In terms of scope though, it is huge and complex. In terms of use cases it has a massive potential impact - we need to get it right, so that it can be used consistently in health records.

Bridging the interop chasms | Blog - Atomica Informatics


True or false: if we want to achieve any degree of semantic interoperability in our clinical systems we need to standardise the clinical content, keeping it open and independent of any single implementation or messaging formalism?

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