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Adventures in FHIRland | Blog - Atomica Informatics


In February I attended the HL7 International meeting in Sydney. Despite being openly aligned with openEHR AND a clinician, a classic double whammy, I was universally welcomed. It was a treat to catch up with some long term colleagues and renew acquaintances whom I hadn’t seen for some years.

FHIR Fixes – the choice construct part I | Woland's cat


I have posted before on the FHIR ‘choice’ construct, particularly here, where I have explained the problems of the choice construct (essentially: it’s an ad hoc constraint construct that subverts the type system, and doesn’t belong in typed formalisms; none …

openEHR, SNOMED CT & FHIR collaboration: an emerging case study | Blog - Atomica Informatics


I’ve been working with ’s (AeHRC) on their Primary Care Data Quality Foundations specifications for the past 18 months.

FHIR fixes: why a type hierarchy would help | Woland's cat


One of the principal reasons for why I and others are proposing (some) type hierarchy in the FHIR Admin resources is as follows. Working Groups (i.e. committees) building Resources are currently in the situation of defining Elements in a Resource, …

FHIR Fixes – the Observation.value problem | Woland's cat


As described in some detail in this earlier post on the FHIR formalism, a number of FHIR Resources contain ‘choice’ attributes of the form attribute[x], such as the one shown above in Observation. These are mapped in the FHIR UML …

Fixes for FHIR – the Admin Resources | Woland's cat


In this post I revisit the issues with the FHIR Resources described in the earlier post – A FHIR experience: models or just definitions? To summarise: FHIR has no semantic inheritance, only a generic structural inheritance of Resources from abstract …

Why using HIT standards fails to achieve interoperability | Woland's cat


I started working in the Health IT area in 1994, on a major European Commission funded project. I attended years of standards meetings at HL7, CEN and occasionally OMG and ISO from 1999 to about 2012. And I’ve observed the …

State of the clinical modelling program and international CKM | Blog - Atomica Informatics


I sent this email to the openEHR lists yesterday. Published here for broader sharing, and perhaps as a resource for future benchmarking…

Improving Process State Representation in FHIR | Woland's cat


In this post I document further observations on the FHIR resources, made during the transcription of the DSTU4 FHIR resources to the BMM format used in openEHR, as described here. This post examines the definition of process state in FHIR …

FHIR versus the EHR | Woland's cat


One of the many things the FHIR silver bullet hype claims FHIR will solve is the EHR, along with Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Care Pathways, and who knows, paving driveways and launching spacecraft. I have made various arguments against silver …