Headquarters: Mannheim

Branches: Mannheim, Braunschweig, Chemnitz, M√ľnchen

Size: 201 - 1,000 employees

Trading since: 1998

Membership level: Gold partner


vitagroup is a global manufacturer which brings digital progress to healthcare every day! 
Only with the control over data the advantages of digitalisation can be used in a future proven way. The solution is to store health data in a vendor-independent data repository by separating the data from applications and logic. This allows full control over data. True vendor independence also requires an open core, which is supported by vitagroup in the form of the open source stack 'EHRbase'. With the 'HIP CDR' as a commercial offer based on 'EHRbase', vitagroup enables a complete range of tools, plug-ins and features that are needed to operate a clinical data repository.


Name Description Product type

EHRbase is an open source software backend for clinical application systems and electronic health records. EHRbase strives to give organizations a modern, standard-compliant and bedrock-solid foundation for their mission critical business operations and their next generation eHealth solutions. All services are accessible through the official openEHR REST API, including endpoints for the Archetype Query Language.

Main contributors are German health IT company vitagroup, ADOC Software Development Co. and Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics (Hannover Medical School).

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EHR Platform

Is a clinical data repository based on the open source stack 'EHRbase' for structurally and semantically interoperable clinical applications, which aggregates health data in a patient-centred, harmonised and independent way from individual application systems.

Included modules:

CDR Base: Extends the basic functions from EHRbase open source through plug-ins and add-ons to enable secure, scalable and efficient operation, as well as integration into system landscapes.

CDR Bridge: Provides for the integration of existing systems and applications and includes connectors for various protocols and transmission paths.

CDR Suite: Is the graphical user interface and the central administration tool of the HIP CDR.

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EHR Platform