Open industry specifications, models and software for e-health
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Headquarters: Slovenia

Size: 1 - 10 employees

Trading since: 2021

Membership level: Startup partner


Generate Anything

Many things can be generated from openEHR specifications:

  • openEHR SDK model classes for working with openEHR operational templates
  • Forms from operational templates
  • GraphQL schemas, server and client from operational templates
  • OpenAPI definitions for openEHR models
  • ORMs for openEHR models
  • Applications: complete mobile/web applications used for entering data into an openEHR system
  • Diagrams: UML diagrams for openEHR models

Acknowledgements: Atlassian (Jira, Confluence) | NoMagic (MagicDraw UML)
AsciiDoctor (publishing) | GitHub (DVCS) | LAMP dev community