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Headquarters: Slovenia

Size: 1 - 10 employees

Trading since: 2021

Membership level: Startup partner


Generate Anything

openEHR specifications are detailed but also complex. Why risk introducing bugs while converting them into code? Why not generate as much code as possible?

Many things can be generated from openEHR specifications:

  • Forms - complete mobile/web applications used for entering data into an openEHR system
  • OPT2 SDK - model classes for working with openEHR data
  • GraphQL - schemas, server and client from operational templates
  • OpenAPI - definitions for openEHR models
  • Diagrams - UML diagrams for openEHR models



Name Description Product type
openEHR Forms

Select operational templates you wish to use in the same application. Click generate. Wait 10 seconds. Your application is ready

It is a Flutter app that runs on: 

  • iOS / iPadOS
  • Android
  • web browser
  • Windows/Ubuntu desktop

When you change your templates or there is a new releases of major archetypes, you re-run the generator and few seconds later, your applications and forms are rebuilt and ready to use. 

With NeoEHR, you will get results faster, eliminate usage fees, retain high customization capabilities and full control over the codebase of your solution.

blood-pressure respiration


EHR Platform
SDK for Operational Templates

The idea is to have native classes that can be used by developers without requiring them to know anything about openEHR.

Instead of giving them the OpenAPI schema and asking them to send data to the openEHR CDR, let them use simple classes in their favorite programming language they are used to work with. These classes (SDK) take care of everything openEHR related and can be used in “frontend” languages that web developers are familiar with.




Acknowledgements: Atlassian (Jira, Confluence) | NoMagic (MagicDraw UML)
AsciiDoctor (publishing) | GitHub (DVCS) | LAMP dev community