Headquarters: London

Size: 11 - 50 employees

Trading since: 2017

Membership level: Startup partner


Medicalchain is a UK based health technology company developing an open health data platform whilst working closely with health provider organisations to address the challenges of data availability and interoperability. The platform is patient-focused and uses the unique features of blockchain technology to enable secure access to electronic health data. A firm commitment to open health data standards is reflected in Medicalchain's adoption of OpenEHR and HL7 FHIR.


Name Description Product type
Health Passport

The Health Passport is an innovative solution to store and utilise patient health data in accordance with open standards — with the added benefit of blockchain technology. The platform is designed to empower patients, whilst delivering the following benefits:


  • puts the patient in full control of their health data
  • utilises blockchain technology to ensure privacy and auditability
  • avoids vendor lock-in through the adoption of open standards
  • supports third-party applications on a "Platform As A Service" model

The platform can be used in general practice, hospitals or in social care, as well as incorporating health data from other sources such as wearables — health monitors and IoT devices. This provides patients with a single, secure point of access to their health information and control over how it is used.

Medicalchain’s Health Passport will allow the patient to access their health data all in one place, through their mobile app or web browser.

EHR Platform, a fully owned subsidiary of Medicalchain, provides a complete patient management tool to allow patients to review their health service options in our new Health marketplace. Patients will have access to book and reschedule their appointments digitally as well as review their reports with ease. They will also benefit from telemedicine services to support online consultations as well as face to face appointments. is the first application worldwide to support cryptocurrency as a form of payment for medical services. Medicalchain is partnering with primary and secondary care clinics to expand the Health marketplace.