Karkinos Healthcare

Headquarters: Mumbai City

Branches: Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kochi

Size: 51 - 200 employees

Trading since: 2020

Membership level: Gold partner


Karkinos is focused on addressing clinical needs through a digitally enabled distributed cancer care network, that will bring quality care closer to patients in cancer care.  The fundamental principle of Karkinos health is democratization of cancer care in a participatory fashion with existing health providers, researchers, and technologists. Karkinos Healthcare is building an open standards-based technology platform that coordinates the cancer care continuum; a medical center for the treatment of complex cancers; and a research center that leverages technologies such as genomics, synthetic biology, sensors, and AI to analyze data and leading to the development of affordable cancer interventions.  The technology platform is based on openEHR based Clinical Data Repository at the heart.