Headquarters: Novazzano - Switzerland

Branches: Pula, Val della Torre, Verona [Italy] | Brussels [Belgium] | Jersey City [USA]

Size: 201 - 1,000 employees

Trading since: 1990

Membership level: Not a partner


Inpeco is the global leader in Clinical Laboratory Automation. The company’s game-changing solutions combine open automation with full sample traceability for the predictable delivery of secure test results to healthcare practitioners worldwide, thereby laying the foundation for premium quality patient care.

We believe the future of healthcare to be more patient-centric and see value in making verified patient treatment data accessible for all stakeholders along the patient-care pathway. openEHR is a powerful enabler of this promising advancement in healthcare.

Inpeco's automation solutions are powering clinical laboratories of hospitals and independent diagnostic service providers, as well as blood collection centers around the globe. The Inpeco Group is headquartered in Novazzano, Switzerland, and operates a manufacturing plant near Turin, Italy. With 2000 Laboratory Automation Systems shipped to 90 countries worldwide, the company has been improving patient outcomes for over 25 years.



Inpeco offers cutting-edge automation solutions for both outside (ProTube™) and inside the clinical lab (FlexLab™), freeing the human mind to accomplish more creative tasks. Combined, they enable full sample traceability from the collection point to the final test result in the lab – for validated test results healthcare providers can trust.

lnpeco FlexLab™ is an open automation system that allows laboratories to connect the analyzers of their choice and the specialties they need, choosing from 50 different analyzers of various manufacturers, covering 10 clinical specialties. lt automates all pre-analytical steps to prepare tubes for testing, as well as post-analytical activities managing sample storage and retrieval. FlexLab™ is scalable to meet the requirements of labs of any size, and its powerful Analytix Software ensures full sample traceability and allows for real time workflow optimization to increase productivity.

Inpeco ProTubeTM is a compact automation and traceability solution for blood collection centers, designed to prevent pre-analytical errors. Its intuitive user interface guides the phlebotomist step by step through the collection process, assuring the correct match between patients, tests, tubes and draw orders. Moreover, the Analytix Software allows for continuous optimization of the sampling process and offers customizable reporting dashboards with actionable insights.

Inpeco FlexLab™ is sold directly and distributed by Siemens Healthineers (under the brand name Aptio® Automation) and Abbott (under the brand name Accelerator a3600) , whereas ProTube™ is distributed in Europe by Becton Dickinson.