Headquarters: Leeds

Size: 11 - 50 employees

Trading since: 2020

Membership level: Silver partner


Who we are

Our ethos in anchored around our values, focused on creating innovative, scalable, agile teams, putting our people first, and collaborating to deliver value quickly.

We strive to build a culture that is diverse, inclusive, and underpinned by our values. We want people to bring their full selves to work, to be confident, creative, and empowered.

Collaboration and a “one-team” approach is a core principle allowing us to provide coaching, knowledge transfer, training, and up-skilling services to your teams.

What we do

Our passion lies in using technology to deliver lasting, positive change and outcomes for organisations, their staff, and citizens. We provide consultancy services covering three core areas:

Strategy and architecture

We provide experienced digital strategy, architecture, and business case consultancy to support your organisation in adopting cloud, open data, complex data integration, and cohesive digital strategies.

Open data integration & interoperability

Our expertise lies in transparent, open data system design and architecture. We are leading suppliers of openEHR architecture and software engineering for NHS frontline providers and have delivered award winning solutions for our clients. We truly believe openEHR is the future of healthcare data.

Agile delivery & full-stack engineering

We have industry leading experience in delivering outcomes using agile methodologies, continuous integration, continuous decision-making, and continuous delivery processes. We offer software engineering and devops services with experience of developing cloud platforms at scale, for a wide range of clients from large enterprises to small start-ups.


"We passionately believe that open data standards are the future of joined up patient-centric care, and are excited to be part of the thriving openEHR community, helping drive it forward."