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Specification Description

openEHR Architecture Overview

"Read me first" document for the overall architecture. Provides a summary of the reference, archetype and service models, and describes global semantics.

Foundation Types

Specification of assumed, primitive and other foundation types required by all other openEHR specifications.

Base Types

Specification of basic openEHR and health informatics types used in other openEHR specifications.

Resource - meta-data model of authored resources

The Resource specification defines a formal model of authoring and IP meta-data, language translation and annotations that can be used by classes defining any concrete type of authored resource, such as a document, archetype or template.

ODIN - Object Data Instance Notation

This is the JSON-like notation used to express various sections of ADL archetypes including description, terminology and annotations, and also BMM files.

BMM - Basic Meta-Model

BMM provides a human- and machine-readable / writable format for defining object models. It can be considered a much more compact and readable alternative to XMI.

P_BMM - BMM Persistence

A human-readable and machine-processable save format for BMM.

OEL - openEHR Expression Language

The openEHR Expression Language defines an extensible core model and syntax for specifying expressions for particular purposes elsewhere in openEHR, e.g. guidelines, rules etc.

ISO 18308 Conformance Statement

Document describing conformance of openEHR architecture to ISO TS 18308, "Requirements for EHR Architectures".

Computable Expressions

Resource Description

source files / XMI

UML file for openEHR Base classes, as MagicDraw 18.5. Contains UML 2.5 standard XMI file.

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Component BASE

Model org.openehr.base