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June 09, 2015  |  from: Ian McNicoll

For all those who suffer from 'not enough expert resources for openEHR' .... you can make it happen - if we can create an openEHR StackExchange area.

To get a StackExchange area, we still need to get 16 more followers and create 38 more example questions with a score of 10 or more. We actually only need 10 new questions - we have 28, they just need more votes.

To up the scores on the questions, just upvote them (but not beyond 10). Remember these are example questions - the idea is just to show that there are enough people interested to make it worthwhile. 
Please use all your possible upvotes to get more questions to a score of 10!

Please forward to colleagues in your institution or company to get us over the line.

Date, time and place: 9th June 2015

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