Uma plataforma aberta, orientada ao domínio, para o desenvolvimento de sistemas de e-saúde flexíveis
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Headquarters: South Korea

Branches: Seoul, South Korea

Size: 20+ employees

Trading since: 2008



Healthcare technology:

  • EHR Platform (based on openEHR & HI standards)
  • HIS (Hospital Information System) incorporating openEHR-based EHR
  • PHR service with EHR platform
  • Health information Exchange
  • Services of hospital logistics
  • Consulting related to EHR

Software development:

  • Secure OS / mobile OS
  • VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
  • IoT (Internet of Things) platform


  • easyEHR(TM) is a Health Information System based on openEHR & HI standards (ISO/HL7 ...)
  • easyPHR is a kind of interconnected PHR providing smart personal health manager. easyPHR is interoperable with HIS and supports ISO/IEEE 11073 standard
  • NUSTACK is a scalable and secure VDI system for Hospital


Nousco's customers are general Hospitals, PHD (Personal Health Device) manufacturers, patients using PHR service, and researchers in healthcare field.

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