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openEHR News | Dec. 10, 2013, 3:09 p.m.

The openEHR Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of an Industry Partner program to fund collective activities to increase the utility and uptake of its non-proprietary and comprehensive shared health record specification.

Seven companies with commercial products based on openEHR from Europe and Australasia will collaborate to develop compliance testing and establish further resources to promote the interoperability, clinical functionality and language independence of software based on the openEHR specifications. The founding members of the Industry Partner program are working in Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. They have developed and implemented a variety of standard APIs to enable multiple authorised applications (and users) to query and access the health records of hundreds of thousands of patients across the world.

Other regional initiatives are well underway, including in Japan and New Zealand.

The Industry Partners will play leading roles within the openEHR community to:

·         update the openEHR specifications, with a minor new release consolidating recent advances (1.0.3) to be published by March 2014

·         publish and endorse 50 shared archetypes at the international level to support core data interoperability among openEHR based systems

·         determine and publish compliance criteria and testing processes for software entitled to carry the label of “openEHR in vivo”.

These collective activities will enhance what is becoming established as the most powerful modular approach to the sharing of health record information over a person’s lifetime.

The inaugural openEHR Industry Partners are:

·         Cambio, Sweden

·         Code24, The Netherlands

·         Critical, Portugal

·         DIPS, Norway

·         Infinnity, Russia

·         Marand, Slovenia

·         Ocean Informatics, Australia


Cambio Healthcare Systems is the leading supplier of regional EHR systems in Scandinavia.

“openEHR archetypes are the corner-stone of our clinical applications and enable us to rapidly deploy COSMIC Clinical Decision Support solutions and share clinical knowledge across our markets in Sweden, Denmark and the UK.”,

Dr Rong Chen, Chief Medical Informatics Officer of Cambio Healthcare Systems.

Marand has developed the first fully operation hospital system based entirely on openEHR and archetypes.

"OpenEHR presents a major step forward as a clinical data platform for leading edge EHR implementations. Detailed data models developed by the international community of leading clinicians combined with a robust reference model are a solid foundation to build solutions which enable semantic interoperability of EHRs. Marand is proud to be part of this international effort with our mission to provide a comprehensive set of powerful tools to take full advantage of the benefits of openEHR"

Tomaž Gornik, Marand co-founder and vice president.



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