openEHR launches Clinical Program reboot RFC (extended to 30 Sept 2022)

openEHR News | Aug. 19, 2022, 10:10 a.m.

An expert panel working on the Clinical Program ‘reboot’ has produced a draft Program definition and Terms of Reference for the new Clinical Program. Today openEHR is launching a public RFC (Request for Comment) for 1 month on these materials.

This RFC is designed to refine the Clinical Program priorities, scope and Terms of Reference sufficiently that it can be formally established as a new openEHR organisational unit with its own Board (similar to the Specifications and Education Programs, which each have their own Boards). The initial Board will be able to add further members over time, and also establish a Clinical Program Expert Panel.

The initial Board of he Clinical Program will be selected from a public nominations process, likely to occur in early October 2022.

One of the key things we would like the new Clinical Program to achieve is to greatly increase the number of active modellers and editors, most likely by sourcing time / human resource from within user organisations. We also want to improve quality and ease of use and re-use.

Everyone is welcome to comment, but particularly we would like to hear from:

  • experts: individuals thinking of nominating to join on the CPB or CP Expert Panel
  • users: individuals / organisations that use archetypes and terminology value-sets
  • DoH/MoH/NHS-like orgs: jurisdictional orgs trying to standardise clinical models / content standards
  • centre-of-excellence provider institutions: sources of clinical / HIT expertise
  • implementers: those who build systems and are affected by technical aspects of clinical models
  • HIT standards experts: those who work in e-health standards and would like to connect openEHR clinical models and models of other standards more closely / enable better sharing, reuse etc.
  • Anyone: who thinks openEHR clinical modelling and related activities could be improved.

NOTE: you do not need to know how to build an archetype to comment in this RFC, or indeed, to become a member of the Clinical Program Board!

We look forward to hearing from you. Please follow the link above to provide feedback.

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